Preparation = Concealment

Layout blind tips to help make your hunt more successful:

Tyson KellerThe 2009 fall hunting season has begun! With the first weekend approaching, hunters across Canada and America are constantly watching their clocks and losing sleep due to the anticipation of the hunt ahead. Early season Canada goose hunters are likely packing decoys, organizing gear and scouting as we speak. Although the excitement and expectations are prevalent, a hunter can take a few moments to prepare themselves for better success!

Many hunters will likely choose to hunt dry cut grain fields and utilize a spread of decoys and layout blinds. Let’s face it; layout blinds have totally changed field hunting across the world. For numerous hunters, the days of lying flat on the ground within the decoy spread is over. This year, thousands of hunters will take advantage of the comfort and mobility of layouts. Layouts can be viewed as a “tool” to hunting success but the “tool” often needs additional components to make it fully functional and effective. Layout blinds have a great amount of concealment potential and it is in the hunter’s hands to make sure the potential is fully utilized. Below I have listed a few layout blind preparation tips for concealment that have greatly helped many hunters and me in the field.


Dull It Down

New layout blinds always have that “new” look in the field. The first thing a hunter should do when he or she purchases a new layout is mist it with a coat of khaki paint. We have found that Krylon Camouflage Ultra-Flat Khaki Spray Paint works the best. Simply set up your blind and lightly mist the material with the paint. Hold the spray can approximately 1-2 feet from the blind and apply a thin, even mist across the material. The goal is not to cover the material but to give it a dull and dirty appearance. A quick mist of spray paint will take the new out-of-the box look and convert it to a weathered dull look.

[Click thumbnails to see larger photos]

This photo illustrates the Finisher® Blind in KW-1® Camo before being painted. TK Blind1
TK Blind2 This photo illustrated the painting process. Simply mist the blind at 1-2 feet away.
This photo illustrated the dulled down look after misting with Krylon Camouflage Khaki paint. TK Blind3


Add Some Mud

The most effective component of field hunting is looking natural. There is nothing better than incorporating the natural look of dirt to your layout blind. It is simple: mix a few scoops of dirt and water in a 5 gallon pale and mix it into a slurry solution. The consistency of the mud solution should be close to the same as cake mix or pancake batter. You can either spread the mud on by hand or use a broom or brush. I prefer to use my hand and a rubber glove. Spread the mud over the layout blind evenly and let it dry. Once the blind dries, knock off the clumps and you are ready! You will soon notice that the mud gives the layout a very natural “dirt” appearance that will blend in across many environments. The mud will also help eliminate any unwanted sharpness or glare that may also

[Click thumbnails to see larger photos]

This photo illustrates the mudding process. Simply smear the mud across the material and let dry. After drying, knock off all clumps and it is ready to stubble! TK Blind4


Apply Avery® KillerWeed®

How many times has it happened where you were stubbling your layout blind and the first flock approached, leaving you partially concealed? There is nothing worse than being in the right spot but not concealed. Avery’s KillerWeed® is a great attribute to layout blinds that not only helps with concealment but also saves you time in the field. Gathering stubble and brushing the blinds always takes time and can be tedious. To help speed up the process, you can apply KillerWeed® to your layout for ultimate concealment. The KillerWeed® can be used alone or can be mixed with natural stubble and vegetation. Pre-brushing your blind with KillerWeed® will allow you to be ready while your hunting buddies are scrambling to finish concealing their blinds. Simply cut the KillerWeed® strands into about 8-12″ pieces and tie or zip-tie onto the camo straps of the blind. Tying or weaving the KillerWeed® through the stubble straps will give a matted down stubble appearance where as zip-tying the strands will allow the KillerWeed®to “stand up” just like wheat stubble in the field!

[Click thumbnails to see larger photos]

Cut the KillerWeed® into 8-12 inch strands and loop through camo straps. Zip tie to fasten for a “standing” stubble appearance.
TK Blind5 TK Blind6 TK Blind7
The fully brushed blind with KillerWeed®: TK Blind8
The true test! Avery’s Golden Harvest KillerWeed® totally conceals the Finisher® Blind without any wheat stubble added!
TK Blind9 TK Blind10


Good luck and let us know if the tips help. I can assure you that the layout blind preparation tips will allow you to be a more successful hunter as well as save you time.

–Tyson Keller, Avery Outdoors Inc.


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